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Pantheon Release – Three Months as a Published Novelist

In my one month update, I talked about misconceptions I had and the realities I faced: not everyone is an overnight success, it does not mean instant popularity across social media, the hustle is both real and necessary, and I am not instantly or fabulously wealthy. But after three months, I’m starting to see the intangible wins and working on setting my goals for 2021.

The Hunt for Beta Readers

As many of you saw from my posts across social media, I am on the hunt for one or two more beta readers for my novels. I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses so far, but a host so questions too. This, of course, means I want to blog about it! Today’s post will cover what a beta reader is, things authors look for in a beta reader, and what I want from my betas.

You’ve finished Pantheon so now what?

You tore through that book, reading late into the night because you HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??
I hope you enjoy this tiny peek into the daily life in Limitless Logistics. For my military friends, you’ll probably get a chuckle out of it. For my civilian friends, you’ll get a good look at military communication at it’s finest.

Pantheon Release – One Month as a Published Novelist

I had many misconceptions about how my first month as a published novelist would go. It didn’t go how I expected so why not peel back the curtain and write about it?

Confessions from the Trail: Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Confession from the Trail: Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable. Breaking your characters with realism: The intersection of ultramarathons and writing fiction.
A good character is one who is not only told “no,” but “hell no,” then kicked in the teeth for good measure. They’re the character we root for when we watched them come to the brink and faced with the choice to accept the inevitable yet rise against all odds. And that breaking is where ultramarathons and fiction writing intersect. I love the adage, “write what you know.” Dear readers, let me tell you, I know what it’s like to be broken. To rise again. To stare into the void, see the eyes that stare back, and tell them to fuck off. And hot damn, when I put it into my writing, it’s some powerful stuff.

Big Week!

It was a big week. Races, birthdays, and of course, the official launch of my debut novel.

Welcome to the unreal?

Unlike many of my other posts, which go through a rigorous review and proofreading process, this is a little more stream of consciousness.
My paperback released for pre-sales today. And I was not emotionally prepared for the response.

This is happening!

We’re nailing down details but I’m hoping to make a digital version of the first chapter available for those who’ve pre-ordered and maybe even a bit of swag if we can swing it. Yeah, that’s right, my made up team has honest to goodness patches!

“How I Got Published!”

It seems like every author has their “How I Got Published” story and many try to monetize is by adding a “and you can too.” But mine is just a funny story about instant success taking over a decade. I don’t think anyone can really learn from it and I’m not dropping pearls of wisdom, but it’s a little funny, so I hope you get some giggles from it.

Let’s talk editing!

Love it or hate it, it has to be done. Ok, maybe it doesn’t, but not edit is just inviting shame and ridicule. I’m working to publish my first full novel, but I have years of writing academics papers, government white papers, fiction, magazine… Continue Reading “Let’s talk editing!”