Month: January 2022

Bodybuilding – My Other Endurance Sport (Part 3)

Bodybuilding show weekends are a wild ride and the more you know, the less stressed or shocked you will be! Rather than breaking this into sections, I’m giving you more of a timeline of events with explanations as you go from leaving home to getting home.

Bodybuilding – My Other Endurance Sport (Part 2)

Most people assume bodybuilding is about lifting heavy weights. Slightly more informed folks understand that the diet is a massive undertaking. But, did you know that there are two other parts to competing in a bodybuilding competition? In this article, I break down four main components.

Bodybuilding – My Other Endurance Sport (Part 1)

I didn’t set out to be a bodybuilder and thought it was just a beauty pageant for girls who liked to lift weights. Over the course of a year, I learned what bodybuilding was really like, how many different categories exist, and how much effort goes in behind the scenes. From backstage drama to meeting new friends to learning to count every gram of food that entered my body, it was a wild ride and as much an endurance sport as Ironman or ultramarathons.