Month: June 2020

Born, Not Bitten (Part 1)

What is the difference between a born and a bitten werewolf? Which is more violent? More family and pack focused?

“How I Got Published!”

It seems like every author has their “How I Got Published” story and many try to monetize is by adding a “and you can too.” But mine is just a funny story about instant success taking over a decade. I don’t think anyone can really learn from it and I’m not dropping pearls of wisdom, but it’s a little funny, so I hope you get some giggles from it.

Becoming the Hero You Need: Part Three

The body and heart of a hero are easy to define and grow, but how do you develop the mind of a hero?

Becoming the Hero You Need: Part Two

The heroes we love, the ones we truly root for, they don’t do it for themselves. They fight for their friends, family, community. They reach for an ideal beyond themselves. They don’t reach up for the stars, they reach down for the hand of those knocked down, out to embrace their neighbors, and do what they can to better the world and community around them.