Month: August 2020

Born, Not Bitten (Part 10)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 10): “And who are you, Chuck? The charmer or the gray man? Seducer or supplicant?”
“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. Am I the man or the monster?” He looked down at the arm she held. “Who are any of us?”
Summer’s eyes followed, noting his freshly bruised knuckles. Probably bruise when he beat the male prisoner.
Their loop ended there, the doors to the potting shed open before them.
“Are you ready for what’s next?” Summer asked.
“I am. Are you?”

Confessions from the Trail: Training

Confession from the Trail: Training
The answers to questions about my training

Born, Not Bitten (Part 9)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 9): Faced with the kidnapping of a packmate, Summer accepts tacit permission to wreak havoc. And Chuck watches her flow like blood coated death on four furry feet. Across gravel and grass, she dances with death, leaving only a path a dead foes and frightened packmates in her wake.

Born, Not Bitten (Part 8)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 8): When worlds collide and secrets come out, there’s bound to be angst.

Confessions from the Trail: But, Why?

First Confession from the Trail: the most common question I’m asked is, “but, why?” usually paired with a look of horror when I describe the distances of some of the races. 50k (31.1 miles), 50 miles, 100 miles, 200?? Why indeed.

Born, Not Bitten (Part 7)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 7): Chuck learns more about Summer’s pack and why she’s so different. Or maybe he always knew.

Chasing the Ultramarathon:

As a normal, truly sane human being, I recognize that for most people, finishing a 5k can be an accomplishment. Many people in their life will complete a half marathon. Some people will go so far as finishing a marathon.
But only the truly insane seek to complete an ultramarathon.

Born, Not Bitten (Part 6)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 6): Meet the parents, when the parents are werewolves
“No, Chuck. You’re safe from my incredibly ferocious, mostly-vegetarian werewolf family.”