Month: July 2020

Born, Not Bitten (Part 5)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 5): A round of questions seems more like “Never Have I Ever” with the man who kidnapped her

Born, Not Bitten (Part 4)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 4): Who is Chuck?

Born, Not Bitten (Part 3)

Born Not Bitten (Part 3): The price of the final question become clear

Born, Not Bitten (Part 2)

Hey, all! Maybe you found me by Twitter, maybe by Instagram, maybe Facebook, maybe my book on Amazon, or maybe just by accident searching the web. No matter how you got here, I’m glad you stopped by. Grab a glass of your favorite beverage,… Continue Reading “Born, Not Bitten (Part 2)”

This is happening!

We’re nailing down details but I’m hoping to make a digital version of the first chapter available for those who’ve pre-ordered and maybe even a bit of swag if we can swing it. Yeah, that’s right, my made up team has honest to goodness patches!