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KR Paul's Pantheon in paperback
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KR Paul‘s debut novel, “Pantheon,” is an urban fantasy setting in the modern world and is available on Amazon as both a Kindle e-book and paperback.

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A casual date turns into a horrific attack that leads US Air Force Captain Valerie Hall to discover she has the power of teleportation. Her military career takes a sudden kinetic turn—she isn’t the only one with Jump skills. Val is drawn into a world where teleportation meets advanced military tactics on high-stakes missions around the globe with the ultra-secret group of American military teleportation operators known to few as the Pantheon.

She learns to adapt her new-found skill to transition from administrative to a full-dress special operator—and the Pantheon must form an uneasy alliance with a band of Russian teleportation experts in order to take down a larger enemy that threatens both nations.

Valerie Hall, Logistics Expediter for Limitless Logistics
Valerie Hall, Logistics Expediter for Limitless Logistics