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KR Paul‘s debut novel, Pantheon,” is a military thriller mixed with urban fantasy and set in the modern world. It is available on Amazon as both a Kindle e-book and paperback.

NEW: The “Pantheon 2: Ares & Athena,” sequel to KR Paul‘s “Pantheon” is now available on Amazon and released on September 9th, 2021. It is available as both a Kindle e-book and paperback.

Pantheon: A Thriller

A casual date turns into a horrific attack that leads US Air Force Captain Valerie Hall to discover she has the power of teleportation. Her military career takes a sudden kinetic turn—she isn’t the only one with Jump skills. Val is drawn into a world where teleportation meets advanced military tactics on high-stakes missions around the globe with the ultra-secret group of American military teleportation operators known to few as the Pantheon.

She learns to adapt her new-found skill to transition from administrative to a full-dress special operator—and the Pantheon must form an uneasy alliance with a band of Russian teleportation experts in order to take down a larger enemy that threatens both nations.

This fast paced military thriller starts explosively and doesn’t slow down until the very last page.

You can find an excerpt of Pantheon here.

Pantheon 2: Ares & Athena

Murphy Hawkins discovers he can teleport himself and others when a routine patrol goes sideways. He saves his team, but his special skills force him into the world of unconventional logistics and Special Operations. Murphy joins the Limitless Logistics team, known to some as the “Pantheon.” Their mission is a strange blend of logistics and combat, but far less combat than he would like.

Valerie Hall, recently promoted to the second in command of Limitless Logistics, now has a hot headed, ultra-macho, CrossFit loving Marine to train and they do not get along. She has to ensure he receives the training he needs to survive working with their Spec Ops mission partners while overcoming the administrative and bureaucratic nightmare of running a covert logistics team. What looks like a terror attack on US soil detonates into chaos across the US and the entire Pantheon must work to unravel the source and halt a second attack.

Lauded by critics, reviewers, and readers alike, KR Paul’s second novel threads actions, intense character interaction, and political intrigue into an exciting blend of military thriller and superhero fantasy.

You can find the first chapter of Pantheon Two: Ares & Athena here.

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