Month: May 2020

Becoming the Hero You Need: Part One

But sometimes the hero you need is you. Sometimes you need to know that you are the one who can overcome adversity. The one who can stand up when you’ve been knocked down. The one who reaches a hand out to help others. Or the one who places an ideal above their own needs.

This is the first post in a three-part series on becoming the hero you need and will cover the body, heart/soul, and mind of a superhero.

Memorial Day: Human and Heroic

Today is a break from the usual as we honor military service members who paid the ultimate price. Memorial Day symbolizes our dedication and willingness to honor those who were killed in service to their nation, fighting for a higher ideal. Today, though, we… Continue Reading “Memorial Day: Human and Heroic”

Brick by brick:

Success from failure – luck, timing, and hard work Anyone who knows me in person knows I’ve been struggling to become a published novelist for well over a decade. That, my friends, is a big fat lie. Actually, until this last month, there were… Continue Reading “Brick by brick:”