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Race Report: Bear Bait 25k (2023)

Race Report: Bear Bait 25k, 2023. 9 weeks after major surgery, I finished a 25k trail race. 14.77 miles of rooted trail and one hell of a comeback!

Race Report: Memorial Day Gate-to-Gate

Race Report: Battling a chronic illness and training for races is a tough balance. But, I’m still slogging along and recently finished the Eglin AFB, Gate-to-Gate race.

Race Report: Recycle Run

Race Report: One quick 5k before Thanksgiving dinner.

Race Report: Wicked Triple

Wicked Triple

Race Report: This weekend I ran my first multi-event series. I’ve done triathlons (swim/bike/run) and duathlons (run/swim), meaning back-to-back events, but those are a single race comprised on multiple events. This was the first time I ran multiple distinct races as part of a series.

Race Report: Paddle At The Park 2021

Race Report: Paddle at the Park
Following a string of injuries and foot issues, I’ve dialed back running but my competitive nature remains. So, a group of friends and I decided to try out the world of stand up paddle board racing.

Race Report: Charlotte RaceFest

Race Report: The Charlotte RaceFest was my first long race following the Mississippi 50k. IT was nice to get back into the groove and it felt like races pre-COVID.

Race Report: Bataan Memorial March


Race Report: Bataan Memorial March
Two attempts to close our the distance, but we made it!

Confessions from the Trail: After the Race

After the Race: My twentieth and, likely, the final post in the Confessions from the Trail series! I started this series as a way to pull back the curtain and show people a sport that many will never even attempt. It’s been a long road and I’ve enjoyed having a platform to talk about a sport I love. But now the race is run and it’s time to close this series out by answering one last question: “What do you do after the race?”

Race Report: Mississippi 50k

Race Report: Mississippi 50
Its been a long journey: four attempts with three failures over five years, an ER visit, and enough self-doubt to sink a person. But let’s not bury the lede: I finished an ultramarathon!

Confessions from the Trail: Training and the COVID Rollercoaster

Confession from the Trail: Training and the COVID Rollercoaster
I just plain have terrible luck with Valentine’s Day. It should come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day 2021 started as a trail run and ended in the ER.