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Born, Not Bitten (Part 16)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 16): How does Chuck know the commander of a Ranger training unit? And why does he keep rubbing his nose?

Born, Not Bitten (Part 15)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 15): How do you rebuild trust? And how do you say no when everything in your screams to say yes?

Born, Not Bitten (Part 14)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 14): Welcome to the start of Act II. How do you rebuild when you’ve burnt it all to the ground?

Born, Not Bitten (Part 13)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 13): Her father must have caught the frown and thought it was directed at him. “I wasn’t always feral, you know. I met Autumn, your mother, before I was ever bitten. I loved her. I wanted to spend my life with her and tried to prove it every day. I moved to the homestead, the only human in the entire settlement.”
He hung his head, as if the words weighed on him. “But, I was bitten not long after in an attack on the homestead. It was ok at first. I had an entire pack to ease me through the transition, even if they were all born werewolves.”
Summer’s heart warmed to hear that her pack would try to help him when she knew how much they had always told her they despised bitten werewolves.

Born, Not Bitten (Part 12)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 12): Summer shook her head. “I’m an office worker. A nuisance to my pack who’s only good for one thing.” Summer’s mouth pinched into a narrow line and her brows furrowed.
“Maybe they tell you that. Maybe they’ve told you often enough that you believe it. But it took only five minutes for you to sway almost your entire pack away from the Elders to your side. You didn’t even have a side when you started. You spoke it into being.”

Born, Not Bitten (Part 11)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 11): “Am I not Pack, Dittany? Or is that what this is about? What it’s really about?” Summer took another step toward Dittany who backed up. “I’m just violent enough to be useful but you know what I’ve done and you won’t claim me. Just a tool, huh, Auntie?” She sneered the term. “It’s all about what I am to you.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about, child.” Dittany shook her head warningly again. “You don’t speak for us. We won’t condone your violence.”
“You called me for a reason. You allowed my violence because you needed it. You asked for this,” she said, punctuating each word with a stabbing finger towards Dittany. “And my work isn’t done. Until it is, you don’t get a say.”

Born, Not Bitten (Part 10)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 10): “And who are you, Chuck? The charmer or the gray man? Seducer or supplicant?”
“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. Am I the man or the monster?” He looked down at the arm she held. “Who are any of us?”
Summer’s eyes followed, noting his freshly bruised knuckles. Probably bruise when he beat the male prisoner.
Their loop ended there, the doors to the potting shed open before them.
“Are you ready for what’s next?” Summer asked.
“I am. Are you?”

Born, Not Bitten (Part 9)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 9): Faced with the kidnapping of a packmate, Summer accepts tacit permission to wreak havoc. And Chuck watches her flow like blood coated death on four furry feet. Across gravel and grass, she dances with death, leaving only a path a dead foes and frightened packmates in her wake.

Born, Not Bitten (Part 8)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 8): When worlds collide and secrets come out, there’s bound to be angst.

Born, Not Bitten (Part 7)

Born, Not Bitten (Part 7): Chuck learns more about Summer’s pack and why she’s so different. Or maybe he always knew.