This is happening!

We’ve taken another huge step towards publishing, pre-sale! Ok, the Kindle version is out on Amazon. But, we’ll have other digital options available soon and the paperback will be available on 30 September which means happy (one day belated) birthday to me!

This whole process has been a learning experience. I’ve watched other authors, albeit purely digital and self-published, hit “Go!” and their book is on the streets in hours. When I posted on free sites, I’d give it a quick proofread, and then BOOM, it was up. Going through a hybrid publisher is showing that this is a long process. Or, more to the point, it’s a long process when you’re committed to getting it right!

But damn if I’m not ready to start showing off my work. I’m very excited to start being able to show off turning this:

Words, words, words, words, words!

Into this:

Valarie Hall, she’s kind of a badass

And I hope to be able to start showing it off soon… like, before the official release. 😀

We’re nailing down details but I’m hoping to make a digital version of the first chapter available for those who’ve pre-ordered and maybe even a bit of swag if we can swing it. Yeah, that’s right, my made up team has honest to goodness patches!

Flightsuits or OCPs, we’ve got you covered!

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