Pantheon Sequel Release – The Strategy

The good news: Pantheon’s sequel is working through the editorial and publishing wickets!

The bad news: Crap, I have to market another book!

You saw how I realized my misconceptions at one and three months post release. Marketing and what’s actually valuable was a huge misconception for me. So, I spent today working through marketing strategies. What platform? How do I stay centered on The Brand? What tools do I have at my disposal? How much money can I spend? What’s the real goal here? It’s a lot of work. It’s more of that out of the box marketing and hustle I’ve discussed with both Angry Staff Officer and James Young.

I had a few ideas but the one I think I’m most proud of is also the dumbest. Truly, it’s brilliant in how dumb it is…

It’s a PowerPoint.

Because, let’s all be really honest: what’s more military than death by PowerPoint?

Therefore, 1,000% on brand, I give you your favorite Pantheon member, Captain Valerie Hall, for the OPERATION MARKET BOOK strategy briefing.

Val: Good afternoon and please be seated. I’m Captain Valerie Hall, Logistics Expediter for Limitless Logistics, and this will be your OPERATION: MARKET BOOK briefing.

Val: I will be covering the mission, elaborating risk, and seeking the Commander’s approval.

Val: We will release the sequel to Pantheon on or around Summer 2021. To ensure a smooth and exciting release –

*muffled snickers*

Val: stop snickering Damarcus! – here is the mission statement. Please note that Author Actual will ensure the largest fanbase growth from now until release.

Val: Please coordinate forces across all available social media platforms for widest audience engagement. Ensure each engagement on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook has the standard one (1) each call to action: Like, retweet/report, and follow!

Val: A strong fanbase with consistent engagement will help ensure OPERATION MARKET BOOK has a wide audience for sales.

Val: Standard PMESII+PT layout. Stay out of politics, folks! That’s not a wise choice at any time, even more so now.

Val: Engagements will be Twitter: standard. Expect we will employ new tactics, techniques, and procedures the adversary forces are not anticipating to get a leg up in the competitive field. Like, for example, silly PowerPoints by exhausted strategists.

Val: Risks are monetary and viral in nature. We have no money so we have to be creative. Going viral would be beneficial. Getting infected by a virus would not. Act wisely. Yes, James, that means no Comic Cons until after you’ve been vaccinated.

Val: Gen Martinez and Task Force Poseidon Publishing, sir, at this time I am seeking execution approval for OPERATION MARKET BOOK.

Marco: You’re approved, Val.

Val: Copy, sir. Proceeding.

Val: Questions? Contact Valerie Hall through or Dismissed.

Yes. I’m a huge nerd. Yes, I’m extremely comfortable with it.

I also know you all are going to LOVE this next book! If you’re a beta reader, you’ll see it soon. If you’re an Advanced Reader, you’ll see it not long after the beta team tears it up and I make my fixes. And everyone else will see it this summer!

Title and cover art release should be soon. And if you want to be the first to know, join the mailing list.

And of course, if you like it I bet your friends would to, so why not tell them about it: share this page. You know, gotta get OPERATION MARKET BOOK off to a strong start!

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  1. After reading the Pantheon book, which I really enjoyed, I’ll just have to wait for the sequel.

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