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Build Your Plot, Part 2 – The Characters

Writing characters: “You can be a face (good), you can be a heel (bad), for the love for god, don’t be f***ing boring.” A high quality character is distinct, compelling, and complex with an understandable motivation, even when it’s negative.

Rewriting a Novel in Fifteen Easy Steps

Edited papers

You would think rewriting a novel would be a simple process with just a little clean up. You would be wrong! Fifteen steps to finish a “completed” novel.

Build Your Plot, Part 1 – The Framework

Framing plot on index cards is all well and good, but how do I get enough information to even start that process?

Let’s talk editing!

Edited papers

Love it or hate it, it has to be done. Ok, maybe it doesn’t, but not editing is just inviting shame and ridicule. I’m working to publish my first full novel, but I have years of writing academics papers, government white papers, fiction, magazine… Continue Reading “Let’s talk editing!”