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Confessions from the Trail: Welcome to the Pain Cave

Confession from the Trail: Welcome to the Pain Cave – What It’s Like to Run for Hours
Pulling from the list of questions about ultras again, here is a great one: “What’s it like to run for so long?” The answer is different for every person, but for me (and many others), it’s a period of highs and lows as well as trips into what we call “the pain cave.” And at the end, you have something you have truly earned.

Confessions from the Trail: Pre-Race Traditions

Confession from the Trail: Pre-Race Traditions

One of the questions I fielded as I started talking ultramarathons on this blog was, “What pre-race traditions do you have?” And I love this question because each person’s pre-race traditions are unique and hold a special meaning or purpose.

Confessions from the Trail: Nutrition

Confession from the Trail: Nutrition
Over the last ten years I’ve run through thick and thin but I’m finally finding the best balance of the two. The answers to questions about my nutrition for ultramarathons

Confessions from the Trail: Close Encounters of the Critter Kind!

Confession from the Trail: Close Encounters of the Critter Kind!
Dogs and spiders and bears, oh my! It’s always something! But if you’re wondering what kind of track you’re seeing, just make sure it’s not a tank track first.

Confessions from the Trail: Training

Confession from the Trail: Training
The answers to questions about my training

Confessions from the Trail: But, Why?

First Confession from the Trail: the most common question I’m asked is, “but, why?” usually paired with a look of horror when I describe the distances of some of the races. 50k (31.1 miles), 50 miles, 100 miles, 200?? Why indeed.

Chasing the Ultramarathon:

As a normal, truly sane human being, I recognize that for most people, finishing a 5k can be an accomplishment. Many people in their life will complete a half marathon. Some people will go so far as finishing a marathon.
But only the truly insane seek to complete an ultramarathon.

Brick by brick:

Success from failure – luck, timing, and hard work Anyone who knows me in person knows I’ve been struggling to become a published novelist for well over a decade. That, my friends, is a big fat lie. Actually, until this last month, there were… Continue Reading “Brick by brick:”