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Instead of an endurance run, today I’m giving you the race report for a 5k. Yes, just 5k. No, I’m not sick (Update, Mar 22 – turns I was in fact very sick, but it wasn’t hitting me as hard as it did later. Oops). My Mom came out for Thanksgiving and requested to do a 5k with me, so we did!

I’ve written extensively about other endurance racing events over the last 18 months and you can find those links below. Since finishing the Mississippi 50k, I’ve also run the Charlotte RaceFest and completed my first paddleboard race.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving 2021 as I write this and the weekend is about family. While I love, love, love my crazy endurance runs, this race was (more or less) about spending time with family. I also love the premise of this run: instead of charging a ton for another medal and shirt, they use all the left overs from the year!

Today you’re getting my full race report for the Run With It Recycle Run

Check in:

Like all the Run With It races this season, packet pick up was easy-peasy! Packet pick up was on a small table by the local park and was *not* complete until you stopped by a second table to pick up your t-shirt. Not a t-shirt for this race, but a leftover from one of the races this year. Or, in my case, a very nice Pearl Izumi singlet from the Northwest Florida Running Club. I love my PI tank (was wearing one t race in, believe it or not) and was delighted to get a new one.

Starting line:

After the three runs from the Wicked Triple, this is beginning to feel familiar. Same location, same corral, and same feel. I really enjoy the small town race feel, it feels more like an ultramarathon start: intimate and for runners who are genuinely happy to be there. Maybe because it was Thanksgiving morning, and everyone had things to do and places to be, the race start was exceptionally short. Call for line up, count down, and go! Not even a goofed up National Anthem or safety briefing.

The course:

This course covered many of the same roads as the 10k and half marathon courses from the Wicked Triple but far less vehicular traffic, probably due to it being Thanksgiving morning. Flat and fast, it’s a great course for a PR.


Brisk and perfect! A cool 55F to start with very low humidity for Florida. It was in the mid-60s by the end of the race and really just as comfortable as you could desire.

Aid stations:

A single water only stop at mile 1 / mile 2. Really, this cool and short, we didn’t need aid stations.

Did I hit the Pain Cave?

Nope! My foot issues are healed and despite running 5k on the trails the night before, I was perfectly fine. That said, I think my Mom dipped a couple of toes in the pain cave. She twinged her hamstring in mile 1 and had to walk the remainder of the course


Mom and I started together but soon split by mutual choice. My spouse brought my kiddo out and both cheered on runners as they crossed the finish line.

We’re that family that runs 5ks on Thanksgiving morning. I’m not even mad.

The finish line:

A quick jaunt through the chute and they took your name tag. A cup of water and a cookie finished it off. Of note, there were no race specific medals, just an assortment of recycled trophies from other events. (Hence the name.)

Very pleased with my effort

Final time:

5k (Saturday night): 26:08, 32 second faster than the Wicked Triple

Overall thoughts:

It was nice to just race 5k. It was lovely to run with my family.

That said, I’ve got another multi-race weekend planned for early February. I loved the Wicked Triple so much that I’m ready to try it again.

Gotta love that wobble for the gobble!

Want to read more about past races? You can find them here: Bear Bait 25k, BUTS Bearly Heavy half, a quick post on pain of training in times of COVID, the ups and downs as I chase down that ultramarathon goal, and the fact that I finally finished an ultramarathon. It was a long journey: four attempts with three failures over five years, an ER visit, and enough self-doubt to sink a person.

The Gear List:

My gear lists so folks can see what I’m carrying and how it changes between courses and weather. As usual, some affiliate links, most aren’t; I am not sponsored by any specific companies.


Tank top: My old yet still beloved Pearl Izumi top. So old, I can’t find it for sale online any more but its a quality top that has lasted nearly a decade.

Bra: SheFit ULTIMATE SPORTS BRA – a qualified “good,” as per sualy. I like that you buy based on cup size and both the chest band and shoulder straps are adjustable; it’s probably the most comfortable sports bra I have. That said, the metal loop that holds the chest band tab tears my back up after 5 miles. I did not put two strips of sports tape under the tab and paid the price after the half marathon.

Tights: Curve ‘n’ Combat Boots Empowered Black (V1) – As with my bra, it’s not desired as running gear, but it fits me well and does the job. These are designed as weightlifting tights and the dimensions are for a woman with thick legs. Like, babe, you are squatting 225lbs as a warm-up and the squat boots/thighs are strong and the waist is small! They fit me perfectly, but if you have a more traditional runner’s body, then they may be too baggy or slip while you run. Since I cut down to race weight, these slipped a bit the first mile but after that I sweat enough that they stopped slipping.

Socks: Balega Blister Resist Quarter Socks – These are thick and comfy, but the “blister resist” is only as good as how well you lace your shoes and how wet your feet get. At some point, no sock/shoe combo will save you from everything.

Shoes: Altra Torin but with my brand new orthotic insoles. These insoles have been so helpful. No heel pain, minimal bone spur pain, but I did get a wicked blood blister in my right big toe..

Hat: I wore my brand new rubber ducky hat that my Mom gave me for my birthday and she wore her matching flamingo hat.


None, duh. It was a 5k on Thanksgiving. We all know where my nutrition came from today!

wild turkey
Photo by ASHISH SHARMA on Pexels.com


GPS: Garmin Forerunner 945 – Y’all know I love this watch and I’ve talked about it before, the good and bad. I didn’t have any tracks walk-offs today and I’m confident in the recorded distance/time accurately.

Happy trails (and roads again)!

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